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Assisted Filing

You still have several unanswered questions and would rather have a professional tax preparer answer and help you complete your FBAR reporting then you are in the right place. Our combined experience of over 10 years in tax preparation and solution industry makes us a unique fit for all your tax filing needs.

We are the first company worldwide to offer FBAR online preparation as well as assisted filing in tax industry. Our highly trained tax professionals, who will answer your tax questions and review, correct and provide you with your completed return for filing. We'll make sure your reporting are done right and ensure that FBAR reporting is done error free — guaranteed.

Here's how it works:
• We'll provide you with a dedicated tax professional for your FBAR questions and reporting preparation.
• Complete your FBAR reporting using a simple step-by-step two way (tax processional and customer) Q&A process
• E-mail or call your tax professional for help or advice as often as you need to.
• When you're done, your tax professional will review, correct, and provide you with a completed return — ensuring that it saves you time and filing correctly and timely saves you from potential civil penalties, criminal penalties or both.
• Rest assured your taxes were done right, guaranteed!